Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Alla Korzh


The proposed short-term program is designed to prepare Kosovo graduate students to transition from their academic studies in the United States to their home country Kosovo. The program design is informed by the need assessment based on consulting participants through a survey and extensive professional observations and experience of the author. It is meant to address the participants’ need to get structured support in planning and managing this significant life event, coming back to Kosovo, after one to two years away pursuing Master’s degrees in their chosen field of study, and reintegrating into their country and culture. The program is based on two levels of support, online and in-person workshops timed in a way that would best provide support and tools needed to manage the challenges of re-entry to Kosovo. The curriculum of the workshop is based on experiential learning principles combining theoretical background with practical tools needed for successful reintegration to the home country. This proposed program is designed as a low-cost addition to an existing program or future similar programs implemented by international education organizations.


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