Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Alla Korzh


Folk songs have been described as a musical representation of a society’s entire culture. The field of ethnomusicology combines aspects of music and anthropology, and the study of folk music can give considerable insight into worldviews, histories, and traditions. Yet there are few study abroad program providers using this discipline as an approach to cultural analysis and exploration.

The proposed Middlebury Music Studies in Albania program would introduce diverse folk music traditions in three distinct cities, giving students the chance to learn the basics of the Albanian language, understand the historical, geographical, and social influences on the music in the past, and analyze the significance of folk music as it relates to current issues of Albanian identity. A series of individual interviews was conducted, and the resulting data informed the program design and supported the rationale and needs assessment.

This program would be proposed as a one-time Summer Study course at Middlebury, and would tie in well with the institutional goal of developing Middlebury’s global network. The combination of coursework, co-curricular activities, and guided reflection would provide an appropriate and effective introduction to Albanian folk music, complete with the cultural learning and engagement that is at the heart of Middlebury’s international programs.


Ethnomusicology | Folklore | International and Comparative Education | Social and Cultural Anthropology