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Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Sora H. Friedman


Service Learning has been utilized as a means to increase knowledge, develop practical skills and provide a broad understanding of community engagement, development and social change for students. Students’ participation in those service-learning programs are growing globally in this interconnecting world. This Course-Linked Capstone (CLC) presents a detailed plan for a service-learning program exclusively designed for undergraduate students in Myanmar. Magga Foundation will organize social Innovation Abroad, a 13-week intensive study abroad program, in partnership with Ashoka organization in India and Thailand. The program aims to provide holistic development, cross-cultural communication, interdisciplinary and experiential global education for students. It is also to facilitate participants learning in design thinking and solution-based approaches in problems solving.

Keywords: service learning, study abroad, inclusion, community solution, experiential education, design thinking, social change


Adult and Continuing Education | International and Comparative Education | Other Education