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MA in International Education

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Linda Drake Gobbo


This proposal presents a program design for the Peace Building and Community Development program, a ten-week civic engagement program for undergraduate Vietnamese students in Cambodia during the summer break. This is a new program model proposed to Sarus, a leadership and peace education organization, which has run its programs mostly in the form of short-term exchange programs. The program will be executed by Sarus in partnership with higher education institutions in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and community partner organizations in Cambodia. The program aims to give students exposure to a multicultural environment, opportunities for holistic development, as well as civic engagement experiences connected to their academic study. The program design is grounded in experiential learning theory, holistic student development theory, and multicultural education. This proposal outlines the theoretical foundations, needs assessment, program description as well as other components to implement the program successfully.


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education Administration | International and Comparative Education | Other Education | Other Educational Administration and Supervision


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