Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Ryland White


This Training Course-Linked Capstone (CLC) is an analysis of the reflective practitioner’s design on inclusive and sustainable development workshops for World Learning. The analysis focuses on integrating the pedagogical approaches of experiential learning, engaged pedagogy and social justice frameworks. The reflective practitioner asks: With his/her participants, how can a trainer/facilitator co-create an inclusive and sustainable learning environment for an inclusive and sustainable development workshop? How can a trainer/facilitator embrace principles of inclusion and sustainability and make sure from the beginning that the process of designing and facilitating the workshop is experiential, democratic, participatory, engaged, and dialectically based education and adult learning? These questions were examined through experiential learning theory, engaged pedagogy and social justice pedagogy, inclusion and sustainability principles and the analysis of the practitioner’s design work and facilitation of the workshop. The CLC also identifies opportunities and challenges training practitioners face in designing and facilitating inclusive and sustainable development workshops.

Keywords: inclusive development, sustainable development, inclusion, sustainability, experiential learning, engaged pedagogy, social justice pedagogy


Adult and Continuing Education | Curriculum and Instruction | Other Teacher Education and Professional Development