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MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

John Ungerleider

Second Advisor

Bruce Dayton


This paper explores the topic of disability access for organizations by utilizing three lenses. The first lens is Johan Galtung’s development as unfolding theory which uses the metaphor of a flower seed and an ecosystem to illustrate sustainable development, which is the embodiment of the coding or cosmology of an individual or culture with symbiosis as the aim. The second lens is Universal Design, which is a framework for designing spaces (and other things like curriculum) so it is useful for the most people possible (including disabled people). Last, Disability Justice is an approach to Disability Rights that prioritizes intersectionality. Data was collected through interviews at the YMCA Childcare Center in Bethlehem, PA. Specific themes that emerge from the paper are interdependence, organizational planning, communication within organizations, funding issues, mainstreaming, and the challenge of making intersectionality tangible for non-academics.


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