This portfolio was prepared to explore the Organizational and Human Resource practices and processes of World Learning (WL). World Learning periodically reviews its mission and major principles to ensure that they are understood and practiced by all employees.

Within this portfolio two Reflective Practice Questions (RPQs) and four Capstone Project questions were developed to understand and examine organizational and HR practices and WL’s personnel perceptions and expectations. One major finding of this inquiry is that WL is experiencing dramatic changes. This research reveals that at WL there are some employees who are comfortable with the organizational priorities and there are who do not agree with these priorities and changes.

The research discloses that employees who strongly believe in World Learning’s mission tend to have a higher commitment. They also feel they are making positive contributions as well as experiencing growth and progress within their professional capacity. However, new personnel tend to feel less commitment to the mission. They feel they are making smaller contributions and have a lesser sense of loyalty to their colleagues. The research reveals that WL’s sub-divisions and branches perceive WL’s mission somewhat differently and that these differences are significant. Finally, there are no uniform strategic guidelines for staff hiring at WL. Different branches have different staffing practices. Using the insights gained from an analysis of responses to research questions, I offer some recommendations for new staffing strategies that incorporate these learnings.


Human Resources Management