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MA in Conflict Transformation

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John Ungerleider Ed.D.


The Vusumnotfo Persona Doll Programme is a program that incorporates Way of Council, traditional storytelling and dialogue together to enable community preschool teachers in rural Eswatini to use the Persona Doll Approach with their students. Many emaSwati are not given the support to develop their Emotional Literacy, leading to a continued cycle of emotional abuse and community trauma. The Vusumnotfo Persona Doll Programme is designed to give preschool teachers the necessary skills to navigate this shared trauma, create a safe space for these teachers to confront their own trauma and work together to create a culture of healing for the students they interact with. Due to the Covid-19 International Pandemic we were unable to implement this program for this paper, however we were able to develop the program fully, and create a plan to put it in place during the 2021 academic year, with all Eswatini Covid-19 restrictions being taken into account.

Keywords: The Persona Doll Approach, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Literacy, Pre School Children, Vusumnotfo, Kingdom of Eswatini


Africana Studies | Child Psychology | Early Childhood Education


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