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MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard

Second Advisor

Karen Blanchard


How Do They Do It explores a small non-profit organization which is run solely by volunteers, called Mentor A Mother that was founded by two pre-natal nurses. Mentor A Mother is a mentoring program for young mothers ages 13-20 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. This project demonstrates the need for a program such as this. This project looks at the organizational structure and culture of this unique organization and attempts to make comparisons to others like it. The main research question is based on what strengths and challenges are found in an all-volunteer run organization. I use real life experiences that I collected through my work as an intern with Mentor A Mother. In addition, I have conducted research to learn best practices in running an all voluntary non-profit organization, including board management, volunteer empowerment and leadership roles, in order to compare them to the experiences I had while working in the operation of such an organization.


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