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MA in International Education

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Dr. Lina Gobbo

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Dr. Alla Korzh



Study Away for the Differently Abled is a seven-day program for young adults aged 18 through 25 who have documented Intellectual Disabilities. During this program, they will live on Yale University’s campus in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, to develop independent living skills while also interacting with and learning from Yale international students. Study Away for the Differently Abled is grounded in the social approach to disability, aiming to extend access to quality intercultural post-high school programming to young adults who are not able to attend traditional college programs nor travel internationally through study abroad programs.

To ensure that the program was planned with all potential participants’ unique needs in mind, a needs assessment was conducted using surveys and interviews with family members of young adults with Intellectual Disabilities. The needs assessment made clear the need to keep the location of the program within the United States, within reasonable driving distance from the participants’ home community, and focus heavily on independent living skills as well as the intercultural element.

Based on feedback from the needs assessment, the program will take place at Yale University and participants will be recruited from Connecticut. Participants will spend ten weeks leading up to the on-campus portion developing independent living skills and preparing to live on campus. Once on campus, international Yale students and program participants will engage in a week of cultural learning and experience living on a college campus. At the end of the program, participants and international peers will put on an International Fair to share what they have learned. Overall, the program will provide differently abled young adults with a college-living and intercultural learning experience, as well as provide international Yale University students with the opportunity to learn from their differently abled peers.


Accessibility | Adult and Continuing Education | Special Education and Teaching


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