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MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability

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Raed al Tabini

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Xavier Silva


Globally, the mismanagement of municipal solid waste continues to be an environmental, human health, and economic hazard, especially in developing countries. In Jordan, solid waste production is rapidly increasing as their population continue to grow. Unfortunately, only 6 to 10% of this waste is recycled with most of it landing in landfills or open dumpsites. Because of this, project TADWEER (“recycle” in Arabic) was launched by the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan’s (JREDS’) Eco-School program and will attempt to achieve zero waste in 10 selected schools in Al-Zarqaa and Irbid for the 2021-2022 school year. The project also plans to influence recycling behavior in surrounding communities and ultimately the nation. An aggressive plan was put together to achieve this, but only time will tell to see how successful the program will be. To predict the success of project TADWEER, numerous case studies of successful school recycling programs were examined for comparing their action plans to project TADWER’s plans. In addition, 102 surveys were conducted within two malls to receive up-to-date information on recycling practices and attitudes in Jordan, and to see how responders might be influenced by the project. From the surveys, it was noted that poor recycling practices still exist in Jordan, but Jordanians view that it is important. It was also noted that people want recycling to become more convenient. From past project comparisons, it was observed that the action plans of previous successful recycling programs aligned with that of project TADWEER’s. Together, the results of the surveys and case studies support that project TADWEER will be successful. The project will be able to help increase recycling rates by making it more convenient and by educating students and people of the dangers of mismanaged waste. The TADWEER project is also engaging, important, and proactive. Predicting the success of an environmental program is key to improve the planning of future projects used for forecasting. If the prediction is right, the same technique could be used to predict others.


Environmental Studies


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