Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Alla Korzh


As the area of food studies continues to develop and evolve it has been recognized that, not only is food a necessity to life, but it is uniquely tied to understanding culture, history, and other aspects of a society. This study arose from recognizing this influence and importance and I took the opportunity to better understand how Birchwood College might be an optimal site for a short-term study abroad program based in food studies. I conducted a needs assessment through landscape research, surveying students, and interviewing food studies faculty and international educators at Birchwood College. The research findings offered insights on the integration of food studies with education abroad by way of sustainability education, how to best align a short-term program with the school’s mission and gain institutional support, and pedagogical and curricular considerations including the primary topics of interest in food studies. This needs assessment and resulting findings informed a program design for a short-term faculty-led course, Foodways in Chile, which has its foundations in experiential learning, the cultural transitions model, and critical pedagogies. This short-term faculty-led field course seeks to expand students’ understanding of the intersection of food, culture, and the environment. This research, while a case study into the specific context of one college, offers a foundation for future research on integrating food studies as a method of cultural education that fosters environmental stewardship.


Food Studies | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Outdoor Education