Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Joseph Lanning, PhD


Sustainability is a relatively new topic to the field of International Education. Despite this, its importance is tantamount for the continuation of the industry for future generations. The industry’s significant negative environmental impacts from international student mobility poses a real barrier to the continuation of the industry due to climate change. This research emerged due to the lack of existing research on sustainability in Study Abroad, especially short-term faculty-led programs, which are currently the most popular modality of Study Abroad. Short-term faculty-led programs currently hold a reputation in existing literature for being the most unsustainable form of Study Aboard with very little data to support it. To unpack this assumption, this research collected data from faculty members that plan, design, and lead these short-term faculty-led programs to understand the realities of sustainability in the modality for future research and the improvement of sustainability in Study Abroad for future students.


Education | Sustainability