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Degree Name

MA in Humanitarian Assistance and Crisis Management

First Advisor

Professor Muntaha Gharaibeh

Second Advisor

Dr. Bayan


Psychosocial well-being is a concept that encompasses mental health and the psychosocial health of an individual. Recreational sports and physical activity have been used to promote health and overall well-being of individuals. The study main aim is to understand the impact that exercise and sports on the psychosocial well-being of Syrian refugee youth in Jordan. In addressing this aim, the following questions were addressed; What have Syrian refugee youth experienced after participation in sports and exercise? and how has exercise and sports affected the lives of Syrian youth refugee?. The hypothesis is that Syrian refugee youth who participate in sports programs or exercise will have an overall better psychosocial well-being. The study used a descriptive qualitative approach to collect data from participants. Data was collected from eight Syrian youth male refugee participants whom age ranged between 18-25 years and participated in sports or exercise programs not less than three months during the course of their lives while in Jordan. Data was analyzed using thematic analysis. Results revealed four main themes and nine sub-themes; the Psychological Impacts, the Social Impact, The Physical Benefits, and Barriers to Keep Going; The Undiscovered Talent. Each of these categories additionally have nine sub themes to better understand the impact. The sum of the results concluded a positive connection between sports and exercise and how it positively affects and benefits the psychosocial well-being of participants who actively and routinely participated in these activities. This study hopes to contribute to the advocacy of incorporating sports and exercise into mental health programs and interventions for vulnerable youth populations. It is recommended to include females and do further research into how Syrian youth refugees can advance in their sports journeys.

Key Words: Mental health, Psychological Well-Being, Syrian refugee youth, Sports and exercise