The conflict around the oil wealth of the Niger Delta communities of Nigeria, has both immediate and long-term implication for the women in these communities, because of their various complex dimensions. The study titled, ‘Oil wealth and Niger Delta crises; Gender perspectives & women interventions in building peace,’ took a look at the effect of this conflict on the Niger Delta Women, (NDW) their specific interventions in addressing these conflict issues in comparison with laudable peace building efforts by women activists in some African countries and what lessons can be drawn that are relevant to their realities. The study involved a compilation of existing documents, reports and materials on related topics, both published and unpublished, and reports on interventions by local and international development agencies within and outside Nigeria. Personal accounts of women in the Niger Delta shared in recent capacity building programs, was also added. These were analysed with a view to addressing the research question. The need to build a critical mass of women that can effectively engage the youths, elders, oil companies and other stake holders in the issue of peace and human security within the Niger Delta was identified. Also of equal importance is the need to involve women at the various stages of peace process, bringing in gender perspectives on conflict issues


Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Women's Studies