This paper discusses the meaning, definition and key factors necessary for a fundraising strategy of United Way of Windham County in the United States and the Red Cross Society of China Yunnan Branch. The important factors in achieving a successful fundraising campaign are developing donors and volunteers, leadership and network, governmental support system and challenges. As the biggest charities, United Way or the Red Cross in different situations become strong and effective in providing service to people when their fundraising campaigns are successful and strengthened. My research question was “How might a not-for-profit fundraising strategy in the United States apply to a non-profit organization in China: From United Way of Windham County Vermont to China Red Cross Yunnan Branch?” Through my personal experiences working with the Red Cross Society of China Yunnan Branch, my coursework at the School for International Training, my practicum learning process at United Way of Windham County and literature review, I identified four relevant key factors necessary for the development of a successful fundraising strategy, and then I prepared sub-questions for each of them. In order to study, test and analyze the relevance of those factors, I selected seven interviewees from both organizations, United Way of Windham County, Vermont, the United States and the Red Cross Society of China Yunnan Branch, China. I used the qualitative method to collect, analyze and compare the data. The study revealed that these factors were important for their fundraising strategies but they improved at different levels in the two different countries. In addition, most of the respondents expressed the need for new fundraising strategies to support their fieldwork. This study will help both organizations that are intending to initiate fundraising strategies. These factors can be very well used as a new approach to initiate a fundraising campaign. The Red Cross Society of China Yunnan Branch intends to use the results of this research as a starting point to initiate their fundraising campaign. The paper also provides a way for the China Red Cross Yunnan Branch to reap the benefits of the successful experiences of United Way of Windham County.


International and Area Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences