This survey explores the extent of utilization of certain (predetermined) participatory management techniques and their effectiveness in a sample of fifteen "Latino" nonprofit organizations providing human/social and educational services in the San Francisco area. The goal of having an effectiveness management study could lead organizations to improve productivity, team up skills and communication styles between organizations members. The executive directors and some staff members were asked to assess the effectiveness of employee involvement practices. These organizations are funded by United Way, local government and major stakeholders in the State of California. The research project involves the measurement of organizational variables, which may be deemed "sensitive" or confidential. The study reveals that various participatory management techniques are used extensively within the responding organizations. Such practices as work groups/teams, management-by-objectives and collaboration are being and have been used as vehicle to encourage employee participation in decision making. Furthermore, utilization of these practices has increased over the years. The findings suggest that utilization of participatory management techniques can promote better communication, improved morale and smoother implementation of policies.