This study serves as a pilot study to inspire future research. Host parent perceptions were gathered in regards to what impact guest international students are having on host children in the homestays. Research subjects were homestay families hosting undergraduate international students in Berlin, Germany. Using qualitative methods, researcher based her methodology on the naturalist paradigm which holds that in qualitative research, realities are multiple and constructed, the knower and known are interactive and inseparable and, all entities are in a state of mutual simultaneous shaping, so that it is impossible to distinguish causes from effects (Guba, E. G., Lincoln, Y. S., 1985). The research offers a wide panorama of perceptions and insights and concludes that parents perceived international students impact their children in a variety of ways. Topics include, diversity, relationship building, separation, cultural development, cultural awareness and sensitivity and worldview formation.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Psychology | International and Comparative Education