The purpose of this paper is to question the role and potential of the arts in bringing about sustainability, that is, the integration of ecological, cultural and economic systems for long-term well-being and vitality. The central questions are: What is the connection between the arts and sustainability? What is a new way to think about the arts that would inspire and facilitate a transition to increased levels of sustainability? What is the importance of art for sustainability? I would like to associate sustainability with cultural evolution. In order to achieve sustainability, I believe we must become a society of artists -- willing to take creative risks, attempting to make connections and leap across disciplines and cultures in ways previously not attempted or even imagined. The economic system needs to value sustainability just as societal systems need to support the flourishing of creativity. This will allow for the ingenuity and innovation required for the creation of a new socio-political global paradigm that is in line with the true potential and purpose of the human being.