As an international student and immigrant, who studied intercultural training, I have found my practice of Vipassana meditation is more beneficial in my acculturation than my knowledge and skills on intercultural adjustment. Based on this background, my research asks whether Vipassana meditation can help acculturation and if, so, in what ways. I conducted an in-depth literature review and a survey on acculturation and Vipassana meditation. Previous studies on the acculturation patterns showed that individuals go through excitement, frustration and assimilation (or integration, rejection or withdraw or creation of their own culture). Psychologically, they experience culture-shock or self-shock. My survey of 24 Vipassana meditators revealed that Vipassana meditation practice was helpful for their acculturation. This allowed them to look into themselves instead of reacting to the unexpected situations. Self-observation helped them maintain their equanimity and see the situations or their minds as they are objectively. This practice by cultivating a more balanced mind fostered a better understanding of the host culture and a deeper acceptance of this culture.