In the paper that follows I have set out to examine whether or not the Vipassana Meditation Center (VMC) in Shelburne Falls is promoting and/or fostering environments that are self-appraising and self-correcting so as to provide a safe introspective forum for change and improvement. I have investigated the experiences of volunteers who work serving students at 10-day meditation retreats at the Vipassana Meditation Center (VMC) in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts and compared them with the thoughts and experiences of other volunteers who live nearby the Center and help to support it, as local servers, Managers, and Trustees. This paper includes, a literature review with applicable readings, data collected from a focus group discussion with local servers and quantitative data from questionnaires with 10-day servers. Finally, I included my own experience in having served at the Center as a source that is obviously qualitative in nature.

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