This study was carried out at the Peace Corps Training Center in Guatemala. Since the model used by the training center for determining training needs for staff training did not allow the participants to express their needs, I outlined a new model for this multicultural setting which is inclusive and participatory. The research question was: What needs assessment model would be most applicable in helping the Master Trainer determine the training needs of a team of multicultural Peace Corps trainers? In order to gather information related to the training needs of a multicultural staff the following methods were used: a) Questionnaires b) Group discussion in a need assessment session c) Interviews d) Review of reports/records e) Observation. It was concluded that the model used captured the needs of the training staff using methods culturally appropriate. The model to determine training needs in this particular setting should: o Be inclusive and participatory. o Take into account the cultural aspects. o Use different methodology so it can have a better chance to capture "hidden" needs. Provide a safe atmosphere in which free opinions and needs are expressed. Be carried out using individual and group methodologies, with possible solutions to needs being generated by the participants so they can share responsibility for their own.