What is policy analysis? How can it serve the needs of advocacy for social change, especially for the issue of the right to health? I address these questions by reflecting on my own experience as a policy analyst intern focusing on universal healthcare at ALANA Community Organization (ALANA), Brattleboro Vermont. I started my professional practicum in June 2006. As a lead agency of social change in Brattleboro Vermont, the entire focus of ALANA’s works is the empowerment of people of color in Vermont by assisting schools, business and groups in welcoming diversity and supplying minorities with information on their rights and resources. Currently, ALANA is deeply involved in education and especially addressing bullying and harassment in schools. In terms of health equity, ALANA participates in the advocacy for the development of the strategic plan to eliminate minority health disparities. It is also working in collaboration with the New England Coalition for Health Equity. In terms of civil rights protection, ALANA works closely with the Vermont Human Rights Commission and the Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team and the State Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights on ending racial profiling, discrimination and racism. My personal interest on health equity led me to work on a research and analysis project of “The Catamount Health Care: The 2006 Health Care Affordability.” This is a policy reform initiative of Vermont aiming to promote affordable and accessible health care to all Vermonters. My question is whether the Catamount Health really supports universal health care as it claims or it is just another way to reinforcing the collaboration between the state and private health insurance companies


Public Policy