Each summer, LAS hosts a seven-week summer program called, Summer in Switzerland (SIS) for students between the ages of 9 to19. It is administered separately from the school employing independent managers and staff. According to Dr. Steven Ott, one of the founders, the SIS program was created “… because there was a need for parents to send their kids away and we had empty rooms. It was a way to make money, which we needed.” S. Ott (personal communication, January 22, 2007) In 1999, SIS introduced a leadership development program as part of SIS. Admission is open to eighteen and nineteen year olds. Each summer, the administration selects ten to fifteen participants, known as Program Assistants (PAs). This program has two objectives: 1. Develop a pool of motivated and qualified candidates who will apply to SIS for leadership positions (such as aids, recreational counselors, dorm supervisors, etc.) within five years of completing the leadership development program. 2. Be a profitable program that generates income for the Leysin American School.

Although the program has been successful in meeting its financial objective, SIS senior management has determined that it has failed to achieve its primary objective of developing future SIS program leaders. Specifically, senior management are concerned that none of the previous participants have returned to work at SIS. They would like to determine the cause(s) of the failure and make whatever changes are necessary to ensure future success. During the summer of 2006, I served as the Administrative Director of the SIS Leadership Development Program. In this role, I was responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the participants, but had no role in developing the curriculum, selecting the participants, or suggesting activities. When I returned to LAS in January 2007, Mr. Ott asked me to assist with the 2007 Leadership Development Program.


Educational Administration and Supervision