This capstone serves as a preliminary evaluation of the Thai Scholars Orientation Program. The purpose of this study was to find the “best practices” of the Orientation Program in accomplishing its goals. Data was collected from questionnaires, interviews, observations, and archives of the Thai Scholars (TS 49) and the program faculty/staff who were present on Brewster Academy campus from June to September, 2006. The group consisted of 54 college-bound students from Thailand ranging from ages 18-21, and 16 program faculty, staff, and administrators. Case study evaluation methods for data collection and analysis were utilized. The analysis was triangulated by time (Summer Program, Christmas Program, Spring Term follow-up), as well as by perspective (students, faculty/staff/administrators, and myself, the researcher), and comparing each to find out if and where commonalties existed.


Educational Administration and Supervision | International and Comparative Education