This paper describes the process of studying and developing a performance management system for the RADA Institute. Research methods include an organizational development assessment, a motivation and satisfaction survey, review of organizational documents and review of literature in the area of performance management. The organizational assessment, motivation/satisfaction survey and document review provide information about RADA’s background, organizational and individual performance and the organization’s human resource management functions and practices. The literature review provides information about the purpose and structure of a performance management system and reveals good practice approaches in designing different elements of a performance management system. According to the literature review conclusions, performance management systems are designed to identify, encourage, evaluate and continuously improve employee performance. These systems are successful when they are participatory, when they are designed to directly support the achievement of the organizations’ goals and objectives and when they are set to evaluate the achievement of specific, clearly defined and measurable job goals. RADA’s performance management system, developed and provided as part of this paper, follows closely the literature review recommendations and builds on RADA’s existing organizational systems and practices.


Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Organizational Behavior and Theory