Throughout the world a handful of peacebuilding institutes exist which act as conflict transformation initiatives. These institutes generally aim to provide professional competencies in the areas of conflict transformation theory and practice to those currently working in the peacebuilding field or other related fields. Yet, to date, very little research is available concerning the impact of these peacebuilding institutes as tools of change within the field of conflict transformation. This work represents one such evaluation of a single peacebuilding institute: Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT) Summer Institute located at the School for International Training. The purpose of this study is to determine the perceived impact of participation in the CONTACT Summer Institute on its participants’ work and lives. Two surveys were disseminated via the internet to attain both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate impact. The culmination of this research shows the extent to which the program has affected its participants as well as ways in which participants have integrated the knowledge, skills, tools, and elevated levels of personal awareness acquired from the institute into their respective environments. The purposes of this work are to illuminate the effects the CONTACT Summer Institute has on its participants, create a forum for CONTACT alumni to reflect on their own experiences as they relate to the program, and to create a framework for understanding the ways in which peacebuilding institutes similar to CONTACT may contribute to the transformation of conflict.


Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration