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MA in International and Intercultural Management


The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of an American community college on over-coming problems in higher education in northeast Thailand. The research was conducted at the First Global Community College in Nong Khai, Thailand. Recognizing that this type of college is a non-traditional educational option in the country, the research attempted to answer the following questions: 1. How is the replication of an American community college over-coming identified problems in higher education in northeast Thailand? 2. What features of a community college are most instrumental in influencing students to attend the college? 3. How do educational development theories support or refute the development of this non-traditional higher education institute according to student responses on a student survey? Categorized as a case study, research methodology included the use of a student questionnaire, on-site observation by the researcher, and document analysis. Document analysis and reference materials were reviewed to define the current development theories of modernization, dependency, and developmentalism, and to illuminate trends in education as influenced by these theories. The questionnaire provided demographic information about the students and the parents as well as information about student opinions of community college attendance and future goals, and on-site observation provided anecdotal information. The researcher concluded that the First Global Community College is having a minimal impact on overcoming problems in higher education on a local level in northeast Thailand, but is meeting needs on an individual and developmental level. On a broad basis, this research is relevant to the field of educational development in its analysis of the practical applicability of using a transplanted American educational solution to solve a problem in higher education in Thailand. On a practical level, results of this study will be beneficial to educators and the community college administrators in Thailand in its evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the current program, and the identification of possible future improvements.


International and Comparative Education


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