The SEVIS system introduced by the United States Government represents a computerized data base developed to track the location and status of immigrants who enter the country as students. The literature reviewed concerned reasons for the development of SEVIS plus the ways in which it is implemented and penalties for breaches of the rules of the system. The study itself was centered on perceptions of effectiveness of the system by group of international students from Concordia College in New York. Through the use of questionnaires and interviews it ascertained their knowledge and feelings about the system as it pertained to them, and gauged the ways in which SEVIS affected their lives both during the process of immigrating to the United States and while residing here during their studies. Literature reviewed found that many immigrants, students especially, are fearful of the new immigration regulations that have been implemented since the events of September 11, 2001. The finding of this particular study was that though many students were moderately uncomfortable with the restrictions of SEVIS, they showed evidence of understanding the need for such as system in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks.