This study examines crisis and trauma as experienced by single people working internationally. Self-selected participants who responded to an eighteen-question document were asked to identify incidents which they experienced while living and working internationally. A Likert scale was provided with the correlation as follows: 1 Crisis, 2 Trauma, 3 Stressful, 4 A normal part of living and working internationally, 5 A normal part of life, and 6 Other. Respondents who identified an incident as either 1: Crisis or 2: Traumatic, were asked to note their immediate reaction to the incident along with short- and long-term effects of the experience. Then, based upon their experience, they were asked to provide advice for a single person about to depart for an international assignment. Respondents who stated they would be interested in correspondence after the initial questionnaire were asked to consider how they felt being single may have made the experiences different in their eyes.