This research paper is about the training design and content in the Boston Regional Peace Corps Office utilized to train new recruiters. As one of eleven recruiting offices around the country, the Boston Office recruits applicants to the Peace Corps. The office is currently staffed with six full-time recruiters. The training they receive is currently based on two weeklong sessions, one at headquarters in Washington, DC, and one in the Boston Regional Office. The research's main objective is to analyze the current training design and its effectiveness. The data was collected between April and May 1999 through surveys and interviews of five of the current recruiters in the office as well as the regional Manager. The study indicates that the existing structure of training can be greatly enhanced through careful design and implementation, utilizing training design theory and drawing from the recommendations of the recruiters. Based on this information, several recommendations can be made with regard to training content and design with a heavy emphasis on an enhanced system of feedback and evaluation. The desired outcome of this research is the creation of a new training manual based on these recommendations which can not only be implemented in the Boston Regional Office, but will also be used as a prototype for the other ten recruiting offices around the country.

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