The conclusion drawn from this study is that different types of programs are needed depending on the person's specific situation. The purpose of this literature review is to explore the need for intercultural adaptation programs designed specifically for women. As an American student completing an internship at Inlingua Intercultural Center, I observed and participated in cross-cultural communications on a daily basis. Inlingua is a full-service intercultural center providing language classes taught by native speakers, cross-cultural programs such as cultural adaptation and business practices and consulting, as well as translating and interpreting services. Our clients were from various cultures and countries, both female and male of all ages each having diverse needs. As a result of my experience with Inlingua, I have chosen to explore what is an effective cross-cultural adaptation program, obstacles in developing these programs and means to overcome these obstacles. The research methodology I chose to pursue is a self-study, in-depth literature review of other people's research. I also review theories and models, which exist to help clarify if a cultural adaptation program for all international women would be useful and if so, in what form one would deliver it. I also conducted a survey of international college students to get an answer to my research question based on my findings.