The purpose of this research is to apply theories and models in strategic planning and analysis to my professional experience working with the Asociación Femenina Q'eqchi (AFQ) in El Estor, Guatemala. My research questions are: How effective are AFQ's current programs based on their organizational goals? In which areas can AFQ improve the overall operation of their programs? What strategies can AFQ adopt to become more financially sustainable or less financially dependent on international funders? This research explores effectiveness of AFQ's current programs based on their organizational goals and areas in which AFQ could improve the overall operation of its programs. Research methods for this analysis included: (1) observation, (2) semi-structured interviews with staff, students, and community members, (3) focus group interviews with the board of directors, students, and former students, (4) review of documents including narrative and financial reports, and (5) the Internet for gathering information of potential resources for AFQ. The result of this analysis was the formulation a set of concrete strategies and the rationale to support them. These strategies were based on conclusions drawn from the strategic analysis of the organization with input from internal and external stakeholders. They were developed considering the mission and organizational goals of AFQ. If some or all of these strategies were implemented by AFQ, this would help the association move closer to their goal of financial sustainability.