Organizations do not learn, individuals do. It is only through people that organizations can be regarded as capable of learning. Organizational learning thus is a two-way process in which individuals' learning become accessible to others in the organization which in turn further facilitates their learning through a supportive and conducive structure and culture. This paper analyzed the current organizational learning system at World Learning based on the perception of its employees. A questionnaire assessed how they perceived both the structure and the culture of the organization as to what extent they facilitate the learning of its members. The research question was: What is World Learning's organizational learning system as perceived by its people? The results showed some opportunities for more integration among internal units and more support for professional development, both in terms of financial support and mentoring programs. Results also seemed to indicate opportunities in the utilization of more structured methods to gather, process, share and store new information in the organization. Results also indicated significant differences in perception between individuals in the units directly responsible for the design, delivery and evaluation of programs and training (service providers), and those in the units responsible for the overall structure and management of the organization (service supporters).