When answering the question, "How is an employee-driven training department formed in a time of urgent need?" an examination of all of the collected data creates a complex, dynamic case study of C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. C&S is the third largest grocery wholesaler in the USA, and is headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont. Through the case study, C&S's organizational uniqueness is highlighted and so is the universality of the challenges it faces as it struggles to define training's role in times of urgent need. Today's era of acquisitions, right-sizing, and cost consciousness, has forced organizations and employees to do more with less. To help people develop the tools they need to do so, many organizations like C&S, are opting to develop their own training departments. These departments are much less costly than using an outside training source, produce materials tailored specifically to the organization's needs, and can be flexible to change. This case study strives to take the ambiguity out of training and show how human development and job performance are intricately linked to organizational objectives. The case study also demonstrates the time and cost benefits of having employees directly involved in their own development and growth. Finally the case study is an important lesson in the responsibilities and pitfalls that are present in the development of any new training department.