Study Abroad Returnees’ Seminar: Presbyterian College


Presbyterian College students returning to the college after spending a semester abroad often have difficulties readjusting to life at the college and in the United States. These students report having difficulties sharing the significance of their experience abroad with their friends and families. They also often have changed perspectives on the United States and Americans. To assist students with processing their learning, perspective changes and emotions, the author suggests the creation of the Study Abroad Returnees’ Seminar. The seminar will attempt to help students make meaning out of their study abroad experiences and to find ways to integrate those experiences with their lives at the college. To do so, the author reviews past theorists’ research and perspectives on the emotions, thoughts and learning commonly experienced by returnees and their suggestions regarding both how and why reentry commonly occurs. The specific context of Presbyterian College is discussed, along with the specific emotions, learning, and perspective changes reported by Presbyterian College students returning from semester-length study abroad programs. Students will be required to participate in this seminar the semester after their semester abroad. This proposal describes the curriculum and a plan for implementing the seminar.


Education | Educational Psychology | International and Comparative Education

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