Rights- Based Approach to Governance in Nigeria Using Budget Advocacy: A Case Study of Public Finance Analysis (PFA) Project Implemented by CASSAD in Osun State of Nigeria


The return to democratic governance in Nigeria in 1999 has re-emphasized the possibility of the budget as a tool for governance with the promise of better service delivery, as well as the need for a clear break from extant practices of budgetary abuse and complete absence of accountability and transparency. To achieve these outcomes will require advocacy and people’s participation in the way public expenditure is managed. The civil society-initiated Public Finance Analysis (PFA) project, since its inception in 2004, has promoted these by fostering dialogue among government agencies, political office holders and civil society organizations and coalitions. PFA’s good governance programs focus on building the capacity of public officials in budget work.

This paper is a case study evaluation of the budget advocacy and participation in Osun State, one of six states in Nigeria where the PFA project is active. The project is relevant to the state government and its citizenry in providing greater value for state money, reducing corrupt practices, increasing citizen’s participation, generating ownership of programs through the articulation of demand, and deepening the process of participatory democracy. Osun State, which has a high poverty rate, has experienced radical change in transparency with government budget document now distributed to CSOs involved in governance and budget work. This has elevated budget work to the forefront at development discus.

Media analysis of the budget is now frequent as a result of the training of journalists on budget process and analysis. These gains are bound to have a multiplier effect on the citizens since public space has been opened for citizen’s participation in governance. To ensure that much impact is created in this regard, there is need to ensure increased distribution of the PFA analysis widely, and build more strategic alliances with the broad spectrum of the CSOs/CBOs.


Political Science | Politics and Social Change

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