What We Learned About The Needs Of Unaffiliated Volunteers Who Spontaneously Responded To The 2004 Tsunami In Thailand


Learning from experiences of unaffiliated spontaneous volunteers who responded to the 2004 Asian Tsunami makes it apparent that it is necessary for the existence of an international disaster relief organization whose sole purpose is to coordinate and support such volunteers for future disasters. Through a collection of individual unaffiliated spontaneous volunteers who aided in the relief of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, conclusions can be made for the required actions necessary to create such an organization.

Three unaffiliated spontaneous tsunami relief volunteers have been interviewed via email questionnaires and surveys to gather and learn from their successes, trials, trauma, and suggestions. Those interviewed comprise a small percentage of the many unaffiliated spontaneous volunteers, but provide illuminating insight of the coordination and support such volunteers needed in Thailand in the first three months following the tsunami disaster.

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