This research study looked at the "Factors That Promote Positive Collaborations Between Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations' in rural Franklin County Massachusetts. Utilizing a survey questionnaire, twenty representatives from community-based organizations in Franklin County, Massachusetts were asked to respond to possible factors that promote positive collaboration between their community-based organization and the local faith-based organization - Montague Catholic Social Ministries (MCSM). Sixteen representatives responded with five selected for interviews. The research revealed that the ten identified factors, which correlate to Norton et al.'s seven dimensions of community collaboration, presented as indicators of positive community collaboration were statistically significant. The one factor that all sixteen respondents selected as "always" being a factor in the positive collaboration between the faith-based and their community-based organization was "Leadership Style of the Director." The one indicator in the research that is not found in the literature review conducted is "Geographic Proximity." In the five follow-up interviews there were five factors, not identified in the literature review, that promoted positive collaboration: 1) Intentionally not duplicating areas of focus, programs, or services, 2) Sharing staff, physical space, and resources, 3) Showing respect for each other's area of focus, 4) Seeking good solutions as partners, and 5) Embrace different points of view.