This research paper is an analysis of perceptions that Italian women and Immigrant have of each other. The purpose of the study is to identify the perceptions, to define the factors affecting the perceptions, and to see if and how the perceptions affect the settlement of immigrant women in a small town in Central Italy. For the purpose of the study a total of 12 women have been interviewed. Six women, three Italian and three immigrant women were selected from participants of a multicultural center for women. The other six women were not attendees of the center and were selected among acquaintances and through networking. Italian women were asked to associate immigrant women to specific images. Women involved at the center were asked to reflect on if and how their involvement at a multicultural center has modify their perceptions of immigrant women. In the interviews immigrant women were given the opportunity to discuss elements of their life before and after immigration, their contacts with Italian women, the elements affecting their settlement in the town. By presenting some of the experiences that immigrant women have in this town this paper provides insights on issues of cross-cultural acceptance between the groups of Italian women and immigrant women.