This case study examines the appropriateness of teaching multicultural education in early childhood education classrooms, specifically at Ebenezer Lutheran Church Preschool in Lake Stevens, Washington. The paper focuses on a nine-week curriculum unit designed to bring awareness of the Mexican culture to the aforesaid preschool. Each week the teachers were asked to answer a questionnaire of five questions while preparing their lesson, and to fill it out again after they had taught the lesson. In addition to this, each class was observed via video recorded sessions, and one of the teachers engaged in a follow-up interview at the end of the nine-week period. After analyzing the data, it was discovered that the "Go for the Globe: Mexico!" curriculum was relevant and appropriate to Ebenezer Lutheran Church Preschool in that it complemented the existing curricular themes of their educational program and provided an effective solution to their multicultural education needs. With a few minor adjustments, the curriculum could be appropriate for other early childhood education institutions.