The Heifer International Ranch Global Village experiential education program (GV) is designed to create positive attitude and behavioral changes in participants. An evaluation of the GV program's impact on past participants was begun on September 1, 2003 utilizing tools from both qualitative and quantitative inquiry. The evaluation was separated into three phases, collection of participant information and creation of a survey, gathering responses, interviewing participants and data analysis. To analyze the data and draw naturalistic generalizations about the impact of the GV program, information was gathered about the characteristics of past participants and compared to U.S. averages. The researcher also asked a series of open-ended questions and conducted interviews which allowed participants to self-describe the level of impact that the Global Village program had on their life. Data collected in this way ensured that the researcher received reliable, flexible, and appropriate information. According to the data that was collected, the GV program attracts participants that are actively involved in a wide range of organizations and causes. Although the impact of the GV is not a life-changing experience for most participants, many leave Heifer Ranch with new ideas, concepts and memories and a better understanding of world hunger and poverty which they have incorporated into their lives. Therefore, Heifer International, other non-profit organizations, and the fight against world hunger in general have all been strengthened by the Global Village program.