The research question I chose to focus my study on is;

How does the mentorship within an American based International Active Travel Company help to make new leaders feel supported during their first year with the company?

Through the practical application of a survey, I was able to question a sample of new leaders within Backroads about their experience with Mentorship during their first year with the company. I used the Likert scale to formulate my research questions, and placed them into a six-question survey that I sent out to thirty-two new hires from 2007. The purpose of my study is to see how new hires feel about the level of mentorship they received during their first year with Backroads.

After the experience of being a new leader with Backroads, allowing questions to arise about the company, and researching for my Capstone, I believe that my SIT experience has come full-circle. While leading for Backroads, I have been able to pull from my experiences at SIT, and have found ways to apply my class work in the field.

The research and analysis that I have conducted in my Practicum and Capstone phases have proven to be pertinent to my area of study from SIT, Service, Leadership and Management. I have found symbiosis between my studies at SIT, and my experience of working with Backroads.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Human Resources Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory