Tra Vinh is one of 63 provinces in Vietnam. It is located in Mekong Delta and

is also one of the poorest. The official population of Tra Vinh Province is over one

million people. Over 29% of the population’s ethnicity is Khmer. Over 80% of the

population is dependent on the agricultural sector.

Since the Vietnamese government has implemented Doi Moi (reform) policies

(in 1986), Vietnam’s business climate has been quickly improved. The state has

followed a market economy and officially admitted that there are various sectors in

that economy. The appearance of an enterprise law in Vietnam was a vital mark to

develop enterprises in Vietnam. Thanks to the enterprise law, hundreds of SMEs in

Tra Vinh started up during the last eight years.

In past years, SMEs faced disadvantages in their business activities.

However, it had been supported by the local government through implementing

policies to promote SMEs. Thanks to their help, it has been exploring comparative

advantages in locality to expand their business. SMEs have become one of the

important factors which contributes local social-economic development. SMEs have

created jobs for the local people to improve their living standards themselves. SMEs

have played a vital role in eliminating poverty in Tra Vinh province.


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