This paper examines how the International Programs Office (IPO) can best support internationalization at Arizona State University (ASU). The author asked how human resource efforts within the IPO could be most effectively utilized, what potential strengths and weaknesses of a new organizational structure might be, and what could be learned by looking at structures of international offices on other U.S. campuses. Research was conducted in three ways. ASU peer institutions completed a survey regarding their office structures and workloads. Several ASU departments completed surveys concerning internationalization on campus. Lastly, IPO staff members were interviewed at length regarding ASU support for internationalization efforts. It was determined that a Vice Provost of International Affairs should be established at ASU. Creation of this position would lend legitimacy and leadership to seemingly haphazard internationalization efforts. Clear goals and direction need to be articulated for the International Programs Office. A modified organizational structure needs to be implemented at IPO to better utilize human resource efforts, make workloads more manageable, and retain talented staff. This paper will be useful to international education professionals considering the future of their departments and their place within the larger institution. This research may also be applicable for international education professionals facing similar staffing, workload, and morale issues.