The Integration of Educational Technology into Elementary Education and Development in Honduras: Recommendations from Proyecto Clic’s Education Professionals

Dennis Winkler, School for International Training


This study investigates the opinions of 36 education professionals about the potential contribution of Proyecto Clic – a capacity-building project for education professionals – to education and development in Honduras. Using a qualitative research approach, the data collection methods employed are open-ended questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and field observations. One group of research participants was made up of 34 teachers and other education professionals from elementary-schools partaking in Proyecto Clic, while another group consisted of the President of a Honduran non-governmental organisation (NGO) and the National Coordinator of an educational technology initiative of the Honduran Ministry of Education.

This paper presents a set of practical recommendations for maximising the benefit of Proyecto Clic and sustainably integrating educational technology into Honduran elementary schools. These recommendations include, for example, the introduction of computers in the classroom as part of an integrated reform of the education sector on the whole, a reorientation of the current priorities of educational technology projects, a dramatic increase in the number of computer laboratories in schools, and the establishment of a process that guarantees the appropriateness of the new technology in each community.

Honduran NGOs with an educational mandate as well as Honduran education professionals and researchers will find this study useful as it shows how the benefits of initiatives such as Proyecto Clic might be maximised in the future. Graduates of and professionals at the School for International Training who are new to the field of development and education will also be interested in the results of this study, to the extent that it suggests alternatives outside of the universal and unconditional application of Modernisation Theory.