I surveyed members of the Brattleboro Area Peace and Justice Group (BAPJG), a local grassroots activist group of which I have been an active participant for almost a year, to answer the question, “How effective is the BAPJG in working for social change in its processes and activities?” After researching literature and models of social change organizing, I conducted a survey of members of the group currently attending BAPJG meetings or participating on the listserv. I found that while participants have experienced the BAPJG group process very differently, there is a foundation for social change demonstrated by the activities and processes of the group. The activities of the group have had a generally positive impact on its members and the surrounding community, providing a forum for creative organizing on a wide range of issues. Provided that the BAPJG members continue to work towards their mission and work internally and externally on issues of diversity, equality, democracy, environmental harmony, and nonviolence, they will engage in effective social change. I am confident that the process of both generating and receiving feedback have been useful to the BAPJG members, who do not always have the time or impetus to reflect, think strategically, or dream big about the possibilities of their peace and justice work.