Effective Internet Enrollment Strategies For Small Holistic Schools


This paper studies the Internet marketing experiences of two small holistic schools: the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. Through in-depth interviews, internal documents, and website review and analysis, this paper examines how these two schools are using Internet marketing to increase their student enrollment.

This paper also studies the leading strategies of the Internet marketing field, as well as the successful techniques utilized by a larger school, the University of Phoenix Online. Throughout this paper, common problems and obstacles are laid out for review and analyzed for the purpose of making recommendations for improvement.

The culmination of this paper is a set of Internet marketing “best practice” recommendations for small holistic schools. In summary, these are: focus first on quickly and effectively handling incoming leads; assess how to best utilize the Internet by considering several factors, including enrollment needs, advertising budget and familiarity with Internet technologies; begin with simple, low cost strategies like pay-per-click advertising and e-mail list exchange; move on to more advanced, costlier strategies as well as outsourcing or having at least one staff member dedicated to Internet marketing and advertising. This paper concludes that for small holistic schools, where budgets and staff resources are typically constrained, effective Internet marketing strategies for increasing enrollment are difficult, but critical for continued growth and success.

This paper provides practical and usable information, forming a “road map” for small schools that want to grow enrollment through Internet Marketing.


Advertising and Promotion Management | Other Educational Administration and Supervision

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