What are the opportunities and obstacles for commercial human powered transportation in modern Western cities?


This participatory action research study examines the emerging trend in the use of work bikes and pedicabs. These bikes have been used with increasing frequency in urban areas as population density, traffic congestion, and air pollution become more problematic in urban areas.

The research highlights my own experience working for a pedicab company in London, England, as well as my efforts to get the city of Miami Beach, FL to approve an ordinance that would allow me to start my own pedicab company. The data for this research was collected through personal observations, through interviews with government officials in the city of Miami Beach, FL, and through interviews with pedicab company operators.

The research showed that pedicabs and work bikes provide a viable solution to traffic congestion and air pollution problems in urban areas. However, there are problems that still need to be addressed. These problems include, licensing of companies and bike operators, addressing the needs of taxicab companies also operating in the same areas, and ensuring the safety of passengers and bike operators.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Environmental Health

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