Farmers’ Motivation to Cultivate Without Chemicals: A Multiple-Case Study with Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Farmers in Japan and Switzerland


Despite the vast research on negative effects of modern agriculture with chemical fertilizer and pesticides, gene manipulation and mechanisation, little is known about the diverse approaches of sustainable agriculture. Nevertheless, in the last century different chemical-free farming methods were developed and spread around the world. Worldwide the most recognized sustainable method is organic agriculture. By means of a total of sixteen qualitative in-depth interviews with organic, biodynamic, natural and conventional farmers in Japan and Switzerland, the motivation to start a sustainable type of agriculture was researched. An analysis of these interviews shows distinct motivations based on the agriculture type but also on the culture. The results of this research could be helpful to individually advise house-owners, gardeners or farmers who are willing to start growing crops without the use of chemicals.


Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Environmental Health

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